CNC gear hobbing machine

  • Manufacturer KASHIFUJI
  • Specification KS-300-CNC-5
  • Year
  • Location Ryokuta 1st Factory
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Germany-made Bosch rexroth MTX-micro type, High-level five-axis computer system,with KASHIFUJI machine body,Max Cutting Dia 300φ,max module8,max travel of cutter saddle 300,max cutting tilt angle±45°, The number of cutting teeth 4~1023、 the maximum cutting lead is 45000mm 、,Center distance between Hob&Table 20~280,Table dia 300,Table hole 82,Max Hob size 150φ×180L,standard hob dia 40φ,Taper of spindle nose NT45, Hob travel distance130,Hob rpm 400rpm,Max worktable rpm 40rpm,NC5axis(table rotation,feed up/down,feed back/forth,hob head tilting,Main motor 15kw,Floor area 3390×3010mm,weight 8500kgs,cutting auto cycle,2.two auto cycle,3.Crowning cutting,4.Inclined cutting,5.step cutting,6.worm cutting


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