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Photo Machine Name Manufacturer Specifications Dimensions
E.B.S(JAPAN) 5’’~20’’ Cutter Diamter、Pressure Angle、Cutter Number、Point Width、Hand、Number of Tooth、Tool Meterial、Purchase Q'TY------------(ex:1.5''
Gear shaper cutter resharpener            (re-grinding shaper cutter)  (spur type
Gear shaper cutter resharpener (re-grinding shaper cutter) (spur type MIT RT-SPUR-200 Max tool dia 189、Min/Max module:1~13、Table speed:45rpm(60Hz)、Max table travel strokes:97、Cutter clamp shaft dia:31,75、Grinding Rake angle:5°、Feed mode:manual、cutter arbor taper:MT4
Center Hole Grinder MINI
Center Hole Grinder MINI MIT JS-250 / JS-500 Diameter of work pieceφ50~φ70mm、length of work piece 30~250mm、Cone angle of center holes 60°、Diamteter of center holesφ2~50mm、Vertical downfeed max storke 80mm、feeding up and down the tailstock Max.stroke 0~100mm
CENTER HOLE GRINDER JS-600 MIT JS-600 Diameter of work pieceφ5~70mm、Length of work piece 30~600、Cone angle of center holes60°、Grinding wheel diameter with handleφ6mm、grinding wheel outer diameter with handleφ12、speed of grinding spindle 0~24000rpm、variable frequency built-in spindle 800、Vertical downfeed max stroke 80mm、Micro feed (handwheel per revolution)2mm、Feeding up and down the tailstock Max stroke 600mm、Net weight 600KG
Vertical Machining Center
Vertical Machining Center CH-VMC50 Table size380×760、Travel:500×400×400、Spindle10,000、BT40、Machine dimensions:1800×2030×2210
Drill Grinding Machine
Drill Grinding Machine R-213 Machine dimensions26×16×16、Drill dimensionsφ2~φ13mm、motor speed5000rpm±300rpm、Motor voltage110V、220V
VERTICAL/HORIZONTAL CNC MILLING MACHINE (Four-axis CNC Control) MIT OX-5B-50H Table size:1850×650mm、Longitudinal travel:1500mm、Cross travel:800mm、Y slide way width:1000mm、Slide high:MAX 800mm、Slide way width:500mm、Spindle taper:NT#50(BT)、Spindle motor:7.5HP/4P、Spindle speed:40~3600RPM、Feeding speed:10~6000mm/min、Ballscrew:φ40mm P=8 C3、Net weight:6500 kgs
UNIVERSAL MACHINE TOOLS ( it is widely used in ocean ship)
UNIVERSAL MACHINE TOOLS ( it is widely used in ocean ship) Made in China Lathe、Drlling、 Milling(Vertical、Horizontal), and Shaper。(three functions、five functions) combined machine. Swing over red420mm、Distance between centers 1000mm、Max.drilling capacity 38φ、Spindle speed 140~800r/min、Power of main motor 3kw
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